Initial session and consultation: $30/30min

  • This initial session is optional, you will have the chance to connect with me over email prior to your first session

Drop in: $90/hr, $70/45min, $50/30min

Four session package: $80/hr, $60/45min, $40/30min

Full package rates are $320/four hourly sessions, $240/four 45 min sessions, $160/four 30 min sessions

  • I strive to offer ultimate flexibility for my students and clients. While it is often best to schedule regular, weekly sessions, this is not always possible for performers and creatives. I offer a discount for buying a lesson package, however these lessons can be used at any time.
  • I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19, as is my family. For in-person sessions, I do require proof of vaccination. In-person sessions are also subject to change dependent on local rates of infection.

To book a session contact: